Thursday, May 13, 2010

100 Push Up Challenge

I am excited to take the 100 Push Up Challenge! I have been in the gym for about 10 weeks now and have lost 19lbs total. My goal weightloss is to lose 50lbs so I am always looking for new ideas, routines etc to change it up so I won't hit a plateau. We are having a challenge here at work and I gotta say it is great motivation!! So far I am in the lead now I just have to keep it! I have no idea how many pushups I can do because I don't do any in any of my work outs so this will be interesting!
I hope to get the infamous Jenifer Aniston "roller coaster" arms by the time summer is here and this is a great way to achieve it!!

I am a follower and subcriber of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy. She is challenging herself to do 100 pushups. I read her post and was thinking this could be fun. So I checked out and I am joining her on the challenge. It starts today, so if you want to join hurry.