Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Toyota

As many of you have heard about the Toyota recalls I'm sure your questioning the quality and dependability of a Toyota...

Well from my personal experience I have to say I would not want to purchase another brand of vehicle after owning a Toyota for so long. I have purchased other vehicles before owning my first Toyota and I have to say I have never been so satisfied as I am with my Toyota!

From purchasing the vehicle to maintaining it, it has been wonderful. The dealership was very fun and friendly and they remain that way after all these years. I love the fact that I know I am making the best investment I can in a vehicle with Toyota with the great re-sell value.

I have not had one problem with my Toyota since purchasing it and that means a lot to me because I am a single mother and I have to have a car I can depend on! I do plan on upgrading my vehicle throughout the years but there is no other place I want to go to other than my Toyota!

Disclosure: I'm participating in a Toyota/TwitterMoms campaign, which inspired this post. My opinions, thoughts and feelings are my own. As a TwitterMom, I'm eligible for a courtesy gift of $50.