Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back To School Time

Ok so it's back to school season as you know and just like myself I know a lot of parents get really stressed out. Especially when your a single parent like me. But there are many things I do so that I don't get too stressed. Here are some of my back to school tips:

1. Shop Early
There is nothing like waiting till the last minute trying to find what your child needs when there is not much to chose from.

2. Shop supercenters
I don't like to buy from smaller stores just because they like to overprice.

3. Buy more than needed if there is a price you can't beat. You can always use it the following year or throughout the school year!

4. Talk to other moms see what they have more of and need so you can help them find what they need so they can help you find what you need.

5. Shop Tax-Free season. This is a great time to stock up and save on the things you have to buy already for school!

6. I like to buy on sale throughout summer so that when it comes time for back to school I am not as pressured by all the purchases I need to make.

7. Second-hand stores are a great way to find some new and gently used clothes as well.

8. Shop ads and keep a lookout for sales there will be plenty right before school starts

9. Recycle- sometimes you can reuse certain items such as backpacks and lunchkits.

10. Online purchasing- I do a lot of this since I cannot shop the stores during the week. You will find a lot of great deals too!!

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