Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Xia-Xia Shell Party Review & Giveaway

Easter is quickly approaching, and that means one thing in kids' minds: Easter egg hunts!! As kids grab their baskets and spring into the egg-hunting competition why not surprise them with some Xia-Xia in there eggs?!

What is Xia-Xia?
Xia-Xia are robotic hermit crabs with collectible, interchangeable shells. Open Xia-Xia shells, and kids can find Kooky Friends hidden inside. These crazy crustaceans provide hours of wacky fun!

My kids were so excited to have an early Easter egg hunt with their closest friends before Easter! They were happy to find all the different Xia-Xia crabs and their shells in all the different eggs.

One of my lucky readers will also get the chance to win an Easter basket that will include a new Xia-Xia hermit crab character, Helena, the lime green and pink cutie, or Tiwi, the pink and purple wacky crab, additional shell, and delicious candy.

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***Disclosure- I received this party for review and giveaway thanks to MomSelect! These are my honest opinions.