Monday, July 22, 2013

Pantene & Maite Perroni Shine at Premios Juventud

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Maite Perroni performed her 1st solo-single ‘Tu y Yo’ last Thursday for the 1st time on television at the 10th annual Premios Juventud Awards with a bachata choreography that surprised many! Maite Perroni (actress and singer) is taking bold moves in her new solo music career (formerly part of Grupo RBD in Mexico) and is taking Pantene with her along for the ride as she gets ready to launch her 1st solo-album very soon! For her performance and red carpet hair look, our Pantene celebrity hairstylist, Gabriel Samra, was on site to make sure she shined all night long. Below are the step-by-steps in English and Spanish on how to get the look at home.

Maite Perroni ignites Premios Juventud

Beyond her artistic presentation, Maite served as one of the main hosts of the night changing her look 4 times where her beautiful Pantene mane was always the center of attention. Her hair was styled by the talented Pantene celebrity stylist, Gabriel Samra, with whom the artist has been working for some time. Quote: “We always want to showcase Maite’s beautiful Pantene hair and for tonight, since the theme was beach, we created a soft wave that looks fresh and sexy,” said Gabriel.

1. Begin washing your hair with Pantene Pro-V Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner that contain an anti-humidity technology to lock out frizz and extend the life of your smooth style.

2. Use a round brush to blow-dry hair uniformly.

3. Divide hair into six sections and use a 1-inch curling iron to achieve even waves. Before curling each section around the iron, spray Pantene Pro-V Flexible Hold Hairspray.

4. Set hair in place delicately with a wide-tooth comb.

5. To finish, apply drops of Pantene Pro-V Smooth Serum with Argan Oil from Morocco to add shine and fight frizz instantly for up to 72 hours.

Maite Perroni enciende Premios Juventud

Además de su participación artística, Maite Perroni fue una de las principales conductoras de la noche cambiando su look cuatro veces donde siempre sobresalió su hermosa melena Pantene. Su cabello estuvo a cargo del inigualable estilista de celebridades de Pantene, Gabriel Samra, con quien la artista lleva trabajando desde hace un tiempo. “Siempre queremos lucir la hermosa cabellera Pantene de Maite y para esta noche, donde predominaba el tema playero, hicimos una onda suave que se viera juvenil y sexy”, dijo Gabriel. Para aprender a lograr la onda playera que lució Maite a su llegada a Premios Juventud anoche sigue los siguientes pasos:

1. Comienza lavando el cabello con el Champú y Acondicionador Smooth de Pantene Pro-V que contienen una tecnología anti-humedad para que tu cabello se mantenga suave y sedoso por más tiempo.

2. Usando un cepillo redondo seca todo el cabello uniformemente.

3. Divide el cabello en seis secciones verticales y utiliza una tenaza rizadora de 1 pulgada para lograr una onda pareja. Antes de enrizar cada sección en la tenaza, aplica el Flexible Hold Hairspray de Pantene Pro-V.

4. Acomoda delicadamente todo el cabello usando un peine de dientes anchos.

5. Para terminar, aplica unas gotas del Smooth Serum de Pantene Pro-V con Aceite de Argán de Marruecos para dar brillo y combatir el frizz al instante hasta por 72 horas.


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