Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Body Wrap Review by Body FX, LLC

***Disclosure - No compensation received. I was provided with a complimentary body wrap in exchange for this review.

Have you ever heard about a body wrap? Ever wondered if they really work? Well I was a bit skeptical about them too until I tried it. I am very active and I eat right but after having two kids my skin is just not the same anymore. Thanks to Body FX, LLC after my first wrap I was impressed and sold that this truly does work!

They start off by taking your measurements and a before picture (1). Next your body is rubbed lightly with a brush this is called a dry rub and it helps open your pores so the natural minerals from the wrap (2) can be a absorbed. The wraps are then applied to your body (3). Then the wrap is covered with a sauna suit (4). After 45 minutes the wrap is taken off and you can see the dramatic results I had in my picture (5). And last they will show you the results on paper with your total inch lost (6). My total inch lost was 7 inches but every person varies.


If you are interested in getting a body wrap or want to learn more about all the other items they offer visit their website http://www.bodyfxhouston.com/#!home/mainPage

Here are a few FAQ about the body wrap they offer:

What is The Body Wrap?

The Body Wrap is a method to help to slenderize and contour your body shape and tighten your skin in only 60 minutes. It involves wrapping the body in porous elastic bandages soaked in a special mineral solution. The Body Wrap is applied firmly to areas needing inch loss and contouring and lightly where only skin tightening is desired.

Who will The Body Wrap help?

​Anyone who wants to tone and tighten their skin. People with overly dry or rough skin. People with loose skin due to weight changes or from pregnancy. Men and women who want to look terrific fast! Anyone who wants to look and feel younger.

What do I wear while I am wrapped?

​Women are wrapped in a bra and panties (no girdles, please, as they make accurate measurements impossible). Bring a change of underwear because what you are wrapped in will be wet. Men are wrapped in swim trunks they bring with them.

What is meant by "total inch loss"?

​Measurements are taken of various parts of the body (hips, waist,, abdomen, upper arms, etc.) before the wrap and recorded on your personal record chart with notes as to where you want to lose inches or contour. After the wrap you are re-measured and the difference of your measurements are added to determine your "total inch loss."

How many wraps will I need?

​That depends on several things: The results you seek, the amount of loose skin you have, how active you are in your wrap, (it's advised you do mild aerobic motions while you are wrapped) your commitment to any necessary weight loss program, etc. To maximize your results 1 or 2 sessions a week are recommended until your skin looks tighter, you are satisfied you look great, then it just takes a few times a year for maintenance. We can do multiple wraps a day if time is a factor; i.e., weddings, reunions, photo shoots, special events, etc.

How much weight will I lose?

​The Body Wrap was designed to take off inches rather than pounds. Weight loss would be an added bonus.


If you are on a budget then you will want to take advantage of the awesome Groupon deal they have going on for a limited time.

You can choose from the following:
$39 for one slimming body wrap with dry brushing (a $125 value)
$69 for two slimming body wraps with dry brushing (a $250 value)
$99 for three slimming body wraps with dry brushing (a $375 value)

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