Friday, May 16, 2014

#SayAdiosToDiapers with Pull-Ups® #ad

***Disclosure - This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Pull-Ups Training Pants and Latina Bloggers Connect.
After attending the Pull-Ups #SayAdiosToDiapers luncheon I was informed about all the tools Pull-Ups offers such as:
Video Character Call: Toddlers can receive a video call from their favorite Disney characters such as Cinderella and characters from Cars.
Potty News Network: A place for moms to share their First Flushers' celebration by creating a customized animated news clip to share with friends and family on social media.
Music Room: An interactive room where toddlers can click on an instrument to play music and get the party started.
Potty Training Progress Chart: A printable chart that encourages moms to track their First Flusher's potty training accomplishments.


Pull-Ups sent us home with some Pull-Ups training pants and these adorable potties for our little ones and I must say I think my daughter is finally interested in using the potty since it's so pretty lol :)
Pull-Ups offers the Big Kid App where mom can take the celebration everywhere by downloading the Big Kid App on a mobile device. Some features include:
3D Starlight Spectacular: As a part of night time potty training, before bed time, toddlers can collect the stars that virtually appear in the app.
Videos & Songs: Toddlers can dance and sing along to a Pull-Ups collection of songs and videos to get them into a potty training routine.
Pull-Ups Big Kid 3D Celebration: Mom can scan the celebration marker on each pack of Pull-Ups to allow her toddler to interact with their favorite Disney character.
Big Kid Checklist: To get toddlers into a night time routine, moms can create a customizable checklist of their toddler's bedtime activities.
The Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy
The Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy offers expert advice from the Pull-Ups Potty Training Partners to help moms as they begin the potty training process.
Visit the Pull-Up Big Kid Academy at to enjoy activities to make potty training fun for Mom and toddler.
The First Years Partnership
Pull-Ups launched a new partnership with The First Years, Moms can purchase a specialty potty seat for her toddler featuring a free sample pack of Pull-Ups Training Pants. The First Years offers lines of products to help moms prepare for milestones in their children's lives and can be purchase at
Quality, Fit and Variety:
Pull-Ups training pants come in three sizes: 2T-3T (18-34lbs.); 3T-4T (32-40lbs.) and 4T-5T (38+lbs).
Pull-Ups brand offers two different kinds of gender and size specific training pants that include:
Learning Designs
Night*Time Training Pants
Available in two sizes: 2T-3T and 3T-4T