Friday, June 26, 2015

Fitness Friday - What's In My Gym Bag

Disclosure - No compensation received. All opinions are of my own. Informational post only.
I get asked a lot about certain things I use at the gym or out of the gym to help lose weight or just things that work for me. So I decided I would do a Fitness Friday What's In My Gym Bag blog post each Friday to show the things I love and can't go without or just new things that I have come across that are awesome!

I am not associated with any of the brands I will be showcasing at least not yet ;) I am not a doctor or nutritionist I just know what works for me.
For my first WIMGB blog post I have to introduce you to Sweet Sweat! I have been using this stuff for years and I just love it! Sweet Sweat is designed to target problem and injured areas, improving circulation, motivation and sweating during exercise. Every time I use this stuff I am drenched in sweat when I am finished with my workout. I do use a waist trimmer with it to help create even more sweat. When you apply Sweet Sweat it creates a portable sauna-like environment to the areas applied, helping to enhance your workout and activate slow to respond problem areas. It takes energy to sweat, more energy than most people may think. And like all energy consuming processes, sweating helps burns calories.
Sweet Sweat has recently released a waist trimmer that I have not used yet {it's on my wish list} but any waist trimmer will do the job. You can purchase both of these on their site however I purchase the Sweet Sweat at Vitamin Shoppe.