Thursday, July 7, 2016

Prudential #WomenInspired Houston Event

***Disclosure - This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Dime Media and Prudential however all opinions expressed are of my own.


A few weeks ago I was invited by Dime Media to attend the Prudential WomenInspired Event here in Houston, TX. I was joined by several other female influencers as we gathered to learn more about motivation for financial success.

There was so much information being shared about planning for college, retirement, managing family and personal goals. One of the ones that really spoke to me though was managing family & relationships. We discussed how we defined being a successful mother. Could we measure the value of all we do? Depending on how many unpaid jobs we work to take care of our family- a cook? Chauffer? Tutor? Housekeeper? Family accountant? It might even take more than 8 people to replace as the multitasking guru us mother's can be. If you want to know the dollar value of the time you spend every week, click here to find out.
Planning for new financial challenges no matter what age you are in. No one knows what the future will bring. No matter what your age is whether it is 25, 40 or 65 life can throw you a curve. Family responsibilities can grow. New life pursuits may interest you. You may live to be 100 years old. Only time will tell. Learn here how to protect your family, your money and more - today and maybe 50 years from now.
One of the very important issues we discussed was teaching our kids the value of a dollar. Raising money smart children may start with just a small piggy bank but could lead all the way to saving for retirement. You can also read here several personal essays about how kids learned from their parents.
Here is a clip of us talking about teaching our kids the value of a dollar
Stop being the family bank. To help or not to help....that is the question. As you are trying to maintain your financial wellness, lending or out-right giving money to family members is a tough decision. Check out this how-to-deal video from The Root.

Thank you Dime Media and Prudential for providing me with a much better understanding on how to get my financial goals on track!