Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cruise Shopping with JCPenney #SoWorthIt

***Disclosure - This is a sponsored post in collaboration with JCPenney 
however all opinions expressed are of my own. 

So as you can see from the title of this post I will be going on a cruise in just days! I am so excited because this is my very first cruise and not only is it my first cruise but I will also be celebrating my one year anniversary with my love :)

Being the frugal mother that I am I didn't want to spend a lot of money shopping for new clothes for the trip so I knew the first and only place I was going to go was JCPenney! I knew I could depend on JCPenney as my one stop for all my shopping. Little did I realize how busy I really was I even had to shop and order online. 

First off my concern was it isn't going to come in on time or it wasn't going to fit and no time to return however I was so wrong! Not only does JCPenney offer same day pickup on some items but if they do need to be shipped they will arrive in a timely manner. I placed my order on August 2nd and by August 4th they had shipped out. My order arrived August 6th with plenty of time to return if needed. 

I received the help of my good friend/personal stylist Lidia from House of Alice Rose and she helped me pick out some gorgeous items including a cocktail dress for formal night. There were so many to choose from I had to ask the help of some of my friends and followers on my social media channels....

I ended up going with number 3 but with the affordable prices JCPenney has to offer I have a feeling I will be adding one of the other dresses to my collection. We also picked out a few other pieces that I would need on my trip including some accessories. I can't wait to show off all my new beauties and incorporate them in my every day looks as well. 

Even though everything fit me so well I love the fact that if they didn't fit me as expected I can easily make a hassle-free return/exchange in store. Now that I have my shopping completed and it was a success I can relax and concentrate on enjoying my very much needed vacation! Make sure you are following me on my social media channels so you can see my JCPenney looks throughout my trip.