Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Planner

Disclosure - No compensation received. Informational post only. All opinions are of my own 

When I first decided I was going to be planning this wedding all on my own the first thing I did was start searching for tips and ideas about how to plan a wedding. I came across a site that suggested making a wedding planner. Then I started searching for different wedding planners and none of them seemed like they would really be efficient enough so I decided to make my own binder. 

That's when I came across Weddings & Wine blog and they had some great info for making your own wedding planner! As much as I LOVE Pinterest there is something about seeing things on paper in front of you that makes planning soooo much easier. I still get a lot of great ideas and pin to my wedding board but when there is something I am pretty much set on having I will print it out and into the binder it goes. 

Below is what you will need to make your binder. I myself used a 2 inch binder, I wouldn't use anything less than that you will need all the room once you start adding all your printables and dividers. 

Next you will need to label your sections. I used the exact same layout they had just because it was going to work for me. You can choose which sections you will or will not need and what order they should go in. 

There are tons of wedding planning printables out there that you can use but I found this one to be the most efficient out of all of them. It is so detailed and thorough it does all the work for you pretty much, you just fill in the blanks ha! 

For the front of my binder I just made a simple black and white cover with our names and date (which will probably change lol) and inserted a pic...

And for the back of the binder I printed out a full year calendar to make it easy when setting wedding planning appointments. 

Hopefully this has helped you get started in your wedding planning if you are a bride to be like myself. Are you planning your own wedding? I would love to hear any tips or advice you can give!