Monday, May 22, 2017

New Go & Grow by Similac Review and Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

***Disclosure - This post was developed in partnership with Similac. All opinions are of my own. 

Do you have a hard time getting your toddler to eat right? I know I do! If my child had it his way he would eat mac n cheese everyday lol. However he does love to eat various types of fruit so I make sure to keep plenty around the house to make sure he is getting enough nutrients. After he turned a year and got off of the bottle I thought he would be finished with Similac...boy was I wrong! I was introduced to these new Go & Grow by Similac pouches and toddler drink! 

Go & Grow by Similac Pouches are certified USDA organic, non-gmo, contain no fillers, artificial flavors or colors and are gluten free.

Go & Grow by Similac pouches come in two age groups. One stage is for babies six months of age and older and the other stage is for toddlers 12+ months. They contain three to four servings of combined fruits and vegetables. The appropriate amount of Go & Grow by Similac pouches for a toddler is between one and three pouches, with a daily maximum of three pouches. The appropriate amount of Go & Grow by Similac pouches for a baby is one pouch.

You can find Go & Grow Similac pouches at your local Walmart and! They are located in the baby food aisle. As you can see below I was able to find a large selection of pouches at my Walmart.

Go & Grow by Similac pouches come in the following flavors...

Baby Flavors:

  • Pumpkin, Banana, Carrot Puree
  • Sweet Potato, Apple, Carrot Puree
  • Pear, Blueberry, Spinach Puree
  • Mango, Pear, Spinach Puree

Toddler Flavors:

  • Butternut Squash, Pumpkin, Banana, Carrot, Spinach, Broccoli Puree
  • Mango, Sweet Potato, Pear Puree
  • Mango, Apple, Butternut Squash, Spinach Puree
  • Apple, Butternut Squash, Banana, Blueberry Puree

My son's favorite was the Mango, Apple, Butternut Squash, Spinach Puree. Once he tried it he did not want to put it down! He was one happy camper and momma was too :) 

There is also a Go & Grow Toddler drink by Similac that has over 25 vitamins and minerals in each 8 fl oz serving. Each serving has at least 30% daily value of iron, calcium and vitamins C & E. It has OptiGro which is a unique brain and eye nourishing blend of DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E. 

You can also find this at Walmart in your baby food aisle. It comes in unflavored, vanilla in cans and in stick packs. This is gluten-free as well. 

Go & Grow by Similac pouches are not a replacement for healthy eating, however getting a toddler to eat healthfully can be a huge challenge. It's important to find a routine and introduce nutritious foods at an early age, when possible. 

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