JoAnna is a Latina beauty, fitness and lifestyle influencer, tax accountant, aspiring personal trainer, wife and mother of three JoAnna aka Madame Mariposa has shown it can all be done. JoAnna has been in the blogging world since 2009 learning anything and everything along the way.

JoAnna was born and raised in Houston, TX where she currently resides. She grew up in a bicultural home, her father of Caucasian decent and mother of Hispanic decent, showed her what it was like to grow up in both culturals.  

The name Madame Mariposa came from her wanting to connect with both culturals as a lover of butterflies she came up with Madame “Butterfly” Mariposa. A name that could evolve with the life of her blog.

JoAnna is an aspiring personal trainer with a passion for fitness and sharing the many benefits of living a healthy lifestyle with other women especially mothers. She is an ambassador and holds an instructor certification with Train Dirty Fitness. 

JoAnna holds many titles Latina blogger, tax accountant but her most important title will always be Mom. Mother of teenage son Nate, a toddler daughter Layla and newborn son AJ, JoAnna has the ability to connect with mothers with children of all ages.


·        Train Dirty Fitness Instructor/Ambassador

·        Fitfluential Ambassador

·        For Two Fitness Ambassador

·        #DaleKick Bloguero

·        GlowRun 5k Ambassador

·   Chick-Fil-A Mom Panel 2014-2015

·   Chick-Fil-A Mom Panel 2015-2016

·   Chick-Fil-A Mom Panel 2016-2017

If you have any comments, suggestions or just want to say hola then send me an email at JoAnna@madamemariposa.net