I would love to have you as a sponsor! Just choose your size and get ready to get some new page views! It's as easy as that! If you would like my site stats feel free to email me! :)

If you are a similarly-sized blog with a similar audience or a shop, I would love to swap ads with you! Please email me to discuss! Please include the words "Ad Swap" in the title.


If you are interested in advertising without purchasing a spot, or you want to advertise further, there are some other options as well! Email me in order to discuss details.

  • Giveaways. Giveaways are a great way to promote your small business or other products! A giveaway will have its own post and run for one week. I will promote the giveaway on all my social media channels as well. For examples of previous giveaways, check my giveaway tag here.
  • Reviews. Another great way to showcase your product! A review will have its own post and will contain my honest opinion.